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The new age barbers and skincare for all men


The new age barbers and skincare for all men


Best Barbers in Taupo

Need a hair cut? Beard trim? Skin products? Wait no more…

2018 is the year of the Dog, it is also the year Mancraft Barbers brings mens barbering to the next level. If you don’t look good then you don’t matter! Mancraft Barbers offers a “Look Good” guarantee.  One thing we don’t abide by is men looking and feeling average, our mantra is very simple, look and feel great, its every guys right and Mancraft Barbers only job on this planet is to do this for you.

Mancraft is the new age barbers and skincare for all men. Creating tailor made haircuts and customised skin solutions for the perfect healthy manly look. If you are looking for a barber shop near you, look no further to the best barber shop in Taupo

Barber services and prices


The Complete Haircut
We offer professional experience and advice to create the perfect look, by taking into consideration your individual face and head shape. Consultation, wash & condition, scalp massage, detailed haircut, neck shave and finish
– $35

Clipper Cut
Pre cut consultation, wash and condition, scalp massage, clippers all over, finished with scissors, neck shave
– $20

Clipper Fade
It’s a masterful cut that involves subtly blending hair lengths that sometimes subtle, sometimes striking, a next-level short back and sides.
– $35

Wash  – $5
Kids Prices – $20



Beard Shaping
Have your pride and joy shaped and groomed by our beard experts. We will prepare your beard with our pre shave oil & hot towel preparation followed by beard shaping.

– $15

Traditional Wet Shave
Forget shaving at home.  Enjoy the ultimate barber shop experience, starting with a cleanse, pre shave oil with steam preparation and hot towels. Then the lather using our luxurious shaving foams followed with the cut throat razor, finished with a cool towel and a soothing oil leaving your skin super smooth and refreshed.
– $45

Hair + Beard

Mens Hair and Beard Colouring
Hair colouring is effective at covering grey hair & restoring vibrant shades
Our barbers can suggest options that are suitable for your beard.  Subtle colouring can help even out the colours between their head hair and their beard. This will help blend and create a more uniform look as well as covering grey hairs.

– Book Now

The Grooming Den

We will make your skin feel awesome…

Our fully qualified skin specialist will analyse your skin and will provide a tailor made skin routine to create healthy manly looking skin. This consultation is FREE


Yon-Ka for men offers a tailored response to problems with men’s more oily skin, thicker and more frequently damaged by shaving with 3 essential actions: purify – restore – rejuvenate, which constitute a full process that is easy to follow for everyday well-being.

  • PURIFY is the first step: allow your skin to breathe and optimise the action of other skincare products.
  • RESTORE is the ultimate step in skincare pleasure.
  • REJUVENATE is the essential step to preserve your skin’s youthfulness.

See the products we stock here

Nose, Ears and Eyebrows

– $60

The Den Works

Eyebrow Grooming

– $25


Facial Waxing

– from $25


Wax it Away

Full Back
Full Back Waxing – $65



Upper Back
Upper Back Waxing $50



Chest Waxing – $50


Chest & Full Back
Chest and Full Back Waxing – $100


Half Leg
Half Leg Waxing – $55



Full Leg
Full Leg Waxing – $75


Hands and Feet!

The Den Manicure
The Den Manicure – Cuticle and nail works  – $35
The Buff Pedicure
The Buff Pedicure – A refreshing foot soak, cuticle and nail works finishing with a hot towel  – 30min $45
Include a callus peel, scrub, masque and foot massage  – 60min $65

Meet your Barbers

Andrew & Patreece

The Boss’s

Patreece thinks she’s the boss but Andrew knows he is… together they are the driving force behind Mancraft the new age barbers. They are proud to lead a very experienced team of Barbers. Patreece is an award winning hair stylist and business guru. There is nothing this lady doesn’t know about hair and business, creating the two dynamics to bring the next level in barbering right here in Taupo. Andrew brings innovation and development to the equation. With years of dealings with problem solving and trouble shooting, he backs up Patreece with his shrewd business acumen. You can sometimes find Patreece at our sister ship Cremebrulee, Taupo’s premier Hair and Beauty Salon – Beauty treatments, wedding styling hair and makeup!



Head Honcho

Some cool info about Param

You wanna rock the best fade in town well this is your Maestro, who will take your haircare to the next level. Param is a cool dude, and is extremely skilled with his scissors and buzzer. He will create your perfect haircut and style. He doesn’t just want to make you look like a greek god, he wants to develop a relationship with all his clients to ensure a trust only a barber and the guy sitting in the chair can create at ManCraft.




Some cool info about Renee

This girl has been clipping shaping and styling the big boys for the past 11 years. Talk to our Renee, she will listen and take in what you are wanting, she will give her trusted opinion. She will dare to risk a brand new look, so pay attention gentlemen, and take heed from our sassy Renee.

Renee brings her own personal flair to ManCraft and can’t wait to transform with all her clients to achieve the extraordinary!



Man Groomer & Wet Shave Extraordinaire

Some cool info about Rach

Yip… she clips eyebrows, tidy’s beards, gets rid of all those unwanted hairs in those awkward places for a living and she thinks is kind of fun… A master of the old school wet shave and our mens skincare expert. She will develop a personalised skincare solution that our guys can do at them selves at home. There is not enough emphasis on mens skincare and this annoys our Rachel. Its time to MAN up  and look after your skin by regular tailor made facials.

Guys can look good too

We Are A Walk In Barber

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We are a walk in barber, if you would like to make a pre booked appointment please contact our sister Cremebrulee –  07 377 2005
and they will be happy to make a booking at Mancraft Barbers for you.

Note. Late nights are subject to the Barbers being busy, if it’s a dark and stormy night and no one is around they may closer earlier than stated here.

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