Yon-Ka for Men

Yon-Ka for Men

Yon-Ka’s line of men’s products offer a specifically tailored response to problems associated with men’s more oily skin, which is thicker and more frequently damaged by shaving. Explore Yon-Ka’s full product line that offers everything from purifying the skin, to allowing your skin to breathe and optimise the action of other skincare products; to restoring the skin and providing the ultimate step in skincare pleasure; to rejuvenating and providing the essential step to preserve the skin’s youthfulness.

Eye Contour

Puffiness and dark circles are not something you have to live with, and through this Yon-Ka product, make this common issue a thing of the past. Created to decrease puffiness and dark circles specifically for men, this ultra-fresh gel with natural active ingredients visibly smooth and energizes the eye contour, even after long days…or short nights.


Yon-Ka’s cleansers are crafted with the specific needs of men in mind and are designed to rid the skin of dirt, grime and pollutants. Every man needs to start his day by cleansing his face, and starting with a clean palette is of utmost importance. Men who scrupulously cleanse their skin can expect the confidence that healthy, unblemished skin provides.

Anti Ageing

Eliminate the presence of fine lines and wrinkles through Yon-Ka’s anti-aging product specifically formulated for men’s needs. This product helps to promote skin health and a youthful appearance through an instant boost of lasting hydration, restructuring agents, and anti-oxidants.

After Shave

Experience a breath of freshness that can only be felt through Yon-Ka’s after shave product. This product boosts both your skin and spirit, refreshes, cleanses, revitalizes instantly and reinforces the efficiency of other products in your home regimen. It is applied after cleansing and shaving and can be used throughout the day as a refresher.


Yon-Ka exfoliating products were designed to eliminate the dead cells responsible for uneven complexion and unhealthy appearance. It also helps to minimize dullness as it gently polishes the skin, minimizes irregularities and imperfections, providing purified skin. Excellent at dealing with ingrown hairs and blackheads, it also reduces the appearance dilated pores and is a must have in your skin care regimen.


Treat your skin to a smooth close shave that is free of the irritating effect of razor burn. Yon-Ka’s shaving cream is also very efficient with the toughest of facial hair, and a perfect choice for the most sensitive of skins. It is a real fire-guard that avoids razor-burns and prevents small cuts for complete all around comfort.

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