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We are a Child Friendly Barber…

We created Mancraft Barbers not just for the comfort of the big boys but kid friendly too. Parents and children alike will feel comfortable in our friendly environment. Your child can get styled from one of our ‘cool kid chairs.’ Parents can choose to have their hair styled at the same time as their children. You and your child will love the experience!

Mancraft is a concept founded on the principals that all children are important little people and deserve high-quality haircuts and hair care products at affordable prices. Our barbers will make your child feel unique and welcome from the moment they walk through the door till they hop off the chair.

We Created Atmosphere For You

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A whole a new generation that you are part of. Where men have taken back control of their style. Do you seek a place where your beard is revered, and where your fade is A-Grade! Mancraft is where you can feel equally welcome getting a straight-forward cut or a quick trim alongside someone getting a straight-razor shave or a razor-line part. This is where you come to understand your conversation. This is where you begin to take care of your style.

Meet us at 18 Ruapehu Street, Taupo we also offer a wide variety world-class grooming products for men – See the products we stock here


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18 Ruapehu Street Taupo, New Zealand 3330

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday
9am – 6pm

Thursday | Friday
9am – 7pm

Saturday | Sunday
9am – 4pm



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